Disney Plus: WandaVision – Release Date, Cast & Crew, Trailer, Story & All We Know So Far

WandaVision Release Date

WandaVision: Now when Marvel Studios has done with its iconic movie series Avengers, it rolls out a completely new one, WandaVision. Marvel Cinematic Universe has moved towards phase four and it will be the second series for this phase. The series has made taking in the center the marvel characters Wanda Maximoff also known as Scarlet Witch and Vision.

WandaVision is the sequel of Avengers: Endgame. Moreover, It also has some strings attached to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness that will unveil in the future days.

The seeds for WandaVision were sown back in 2009 when Marvel decided to focus on less popular characters like Vision. Consequently, on November 30, 2018, it was revealed in a report by Deadline that the series with title Vision will release in 2019. Finally on April 11, 2019, on the occasion of Disney’s Investor Day, it was confirmed that the series will have the title WandaVision.

WandaVision Storyline

The movie will partially be based in the 1950s. The teaser gave hints related to Wanda’s reality-based powers. The film is having some linkage to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness just to find a solution to the problem that vision is already dead.

We cannot predict with utmost certainty but Wanda’s occasional mental instability when she stresses her out on account of vision’s death. In Avengers Infinity war could have something to do with this series. She might be having a fantasy world where he is still alive.

WandaVision Cast

Elizabeth Olsen is back in her role as Wanda Maximoff or Scarlet Witch by whatever name you know her. As usual, Paul Bettany will be playing the character of Vision. Teyonah Parris, Kat Dennings, Kathryn Hahn are the notable leads.

WandaVision Budget for the series

Marvel Studios never does anything on a small scale. Each project of theirs is an ambitious one and they put in all their resources in it. Taking forward the same trend they have invested $150 million on WandaVision. Alike WandaVision Hanna Season 2 is  also releasing this year.

WandaVision Release Date

The series is going to release in 2020. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have any official release date from the production house. Originally the series has planned to release in early 2021 but after some changes, it has scheduled to release in 2020.

The series will consist of 6 episodes. Each episode will roll out after a gap of 1 week rather than all at a time. The series will be releasing on Disney+. We will keep you posted on updates regarding the series.


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