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Disco Raja is a science fiction and action movie which is directed by Vi Anand. The movie is produced by Ram Talluri under SRT Entertainment. Disco Raja full movie features Ravi Teja in the dual role. And, Patal Rajput, Nabha Natesh, Bobby Simha, Sunil, Tanya Hope and Vennela Kishore in other supporting roles. Watch Disco Raja full movie online on our given platform.

Disco Raja has released on 24 January 2020 with mixed reviews from critics. Unfortunately, the movie has become a commercial failure. After receiving low box office collection Tea decided not to experiment with his role in the future and sequel was also cancelled.

Watch Disco Raja Full Movie Online

Ravi Teja’s Disco Raja movie is now available online for everyone. The best part is that you can watch Disco Raja Full movie online for free. The only two platforms that is authorized to stream Disco Raja Online are SunNxt and MXPlayer.

To Watch Disco Raja online on SunNxt, you only have to register to the platform. Also, you can watch this movie with Subtitle on SunNxt as well as MXPlayer. MXPlayer is affiliated with SunNxt to make the movie available online.

Apart from this, you can also watch Disco Raja full movie on Airtel Xstream and JIO cinema. On both the platform you should have Airtel sim card or JIO sim card. Just enter your number and you will receive OTP and you can watch Disco Raja full movie online on our platform.


Disco Raja Movie Story

A man left dead  in the mountain ranges of Ladakh who was frozen and found by an expedition team. He was taken to the Re-live lab where Dr. Shishir discloses a technology where he can revive dead people. After the experiment the subject wake up with no memory of his past.

On the other hand, the culprit girlfriend Nabha explains to the loan officer that Vasu use to handle multiple professions from day to night at that time she fell for him. In the search for his step brother who snatched the family’s money. Also, his girl friend reveals that Vasu’s family members are orphans.

One day Vasu essays to escape with the help of Dr. Parineeti’s card from the lab but in the process he is exposed to lighting and he faints. Later, Parineeti explains that he was killed by someone and revived by the doctors. Well, Parineeti is adamant and tries to revives his memories and retrieves a commodity found with his corpse which is giving to Plaguni for servicing.

In an attempt to regain his attention, Vasu trashes a minister and his video goes viral following his arrest. The gangster named Burma Sethu who was surprised after watching him alive. Later, he sends his men to pick him from the police station with the aid of Laalu Sastry’s group.

The gangster’s men take away Vasu, his brother and doctors. Later, the circumstances forces Phalguni to throw out Vasu’s packages given by Parineeti. Vasu picks up the package to find a music player and headphones. After listening to the music he revives his memories. He fights off the henchmen and revels himself to be the Disco Raja.  This information reached to Sethu by Laalu Sastry.

Afterwards, Shishir explains that Raj’s age is 70 and he was frozen for 35 years. And, he his not possibly Vasu. Raj and Phalguni goes on the quest to find his identity. The chaos occurs in their quest which goes to be up side down and everybody recovers in the lab. To know more watch Disco Raja full movie here.

Download Disco Raja Full Movie & Watch Offline

You can easily download Disco Raja movie from the legal streaming platform. As of now, Disco Raja movie is available to download on MX Player and Airtel X Stream. We will guide you how you can download Disco Raja movie legally from legal streaming platforms.

Steps to download movie from MX Player

Step 1: Visit MX Player search for the movie ‘Disco Raja’

Step 2: Click on download and select the quality which you want and download the movie and watch offline

Steps to download movie from Airtel Xstream

Steps 1: Visit Airtel Xstream on web or on app and search for Disco Raja movie

Step 2: Once the movie appear on the screen click on it and you can see download option. Click on it and download it and enjoy watching Disco Raja movie offline

 Disco Raja Trailer

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