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Watch Gully Boy Full Movie

If you want to Watch Gully Boy movie, then there are only two medium to watch. One is the online medium and another is TV. Be aware that we are not going to share any illegal platform. All you will get to know are the legal platform to watch Gully Full movie in HD and FHD quality

Watch Gully Boy Full Movie on TV 

You cannot get to watch the Gully Boy movie on every TV channel. Officially Zee Cinema owns the satellite rights for this movie. In fact, Gully Boy was premium on 23rd July 2019 at 12:00 Noon. After that, the movie was featured a few more times. So you want to watch Gully Boy movie on TV, then Zee Cinema is the official channel who will telecast Gully Boy. We will update you as soon as we get to know about the TV streaming for Gully Boy.

Watch Gully Boy Full Movie Online 

Similar to TV channels, not all streaming platform has access to stream Gully Boy movie online. In fact, the Digital rights for this movie is shared with Amazon Prime videos. Which means you can only watch Gully Boy Full movie online at Amazon Prime videos. If you already have Amazon Prime Video Subscription, then you can watch Gully Boy for free. At Amazon Prime Video you can watch Gully Boy movie in HD and FHD quality.

Amazon Prime Video

Gully Boy is a musical drama movie released in 2019. This movie is based on the life of a Gully boy, “Murad Ahmed” who likes to write and RAP. Murad’s character is played by Ranveer Singh, along with Alia Bhatt playing Safeena Firdausi’s character. This was one of the best movies of 2019 and was also nominated for Oscar. The movie is directed by Zoya Akhtar & written by Reema Kagti. We are quite sure that you are here you are here to know where to watch Gully Boy movie. You can watch Gully Boy Full movie online or on TV. We are here to guide to when and where you can watch Gully Boy Movie online.

Gully Boy Story 

Murad Ahmed is a young boy from a poor family from the slums of Mumbai, Dharavi. During one of his college days, he meets MC Sher during a small college fest and gets blown away from his RAP. As Murad is also a big-time RAP fan he plans to talk to him and ask him to sing on his lyrics. But MC Sher asks him to try our rapping.

One fine day MC she’s takes Murad in a gully rap battle where he gets stuck and feels insulted & talks to MC Sher that he won’t be able to do this. But MC Sher plans to teach him how to RAP. One day on the same battle he nails it and impresses everyone. MC Sher and Murad start recording his video and start sharing it on YouTube, which gets spotted by Shweta Mehta (AKA Sky). She starts meeting them to collaborate for his song. The video gets shot in Dharavi and the song “Mere Gully Mai” becomes popular.

Later Sky gets intimate with Murad and eventually, Safeena gets to know about this and smashes a bottle in Sky’s head. Which later lead them to Police station. On the other hand, Murad leaves his house when he gets on a fight with his father. Depressed he plans to go on a national level RAP battle and compete with some top rappers of India. Fortunately, he wins the RAP battle and everything ends up well. The beautiful yet inspiring story of a guy you should definitely watch gully boy full movie online.


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