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Watch Kedarnath Full MovieĀ 

There are many legal platforms where you can watch Kedarnath movie. Here we will only show you the legal platforms that have all the rights to stream Kedarnath Full movie.

Watch Kedarnath Full Movie OnlineĀ 

Apart from Zee5, no other streaming platform has permission to stream Kedarnath movie online. In fact, Zee5 has all the official rights to stream Kedarnath online. Which means other online platforms streaming Kedarnath movie is illegal.

Watch Kedarnath Full Movie On TV

Officially &pictures & ZeeCinema are the ones who have the satellite rights to broadcast Kedarnath movies. In fact, on 9 June 2019, Kedarnath was the first release on Zee 5 and then at &Pictures. In 2020, we will update you on the TV channels where you want to watch Kedarnath movie.


Zee 5

Kedarnath was released on 7 December 2018, it is a romantic drama film. The movie has grossed 96Cr in the box office and was emerged as hit movie. This movie features Late Sushant Singh Rajput and Sara Ali Khan in the lead role. Kedarnath is one of the best movies on Sushant Singh Rajput and we are sure you want to Watch Kedarnath movie online. To know where to watch Kedarnath Full movie, check the listed legal services that are authorized to stream Kedarnath.

Kedarnath Movie Story

As the name of the movies, it is a love story in the Kedarnath valley, where Mansoor Khan (Sushant) and Mandakini Mishra (Sara Ali Khan) fall in love with each other. Mansoor is a porter helping pilgrims to reach the temple. Mukku, on the other hand, is a naughty girl, who forcefully has to marry sone of the leader of the temple, who rejects Mukku’s leader sister when seeing Mukku,

Mukku becomes rebellious and flirts with people so that she had embarrassed his fiance and his father. Later when Mukku and Mansoon meet they fall in love. When Mukku’s father gets to know about this, he beats Mukku and Mansoor.

On the same day, a huge flood destroys Kedarnath and everything around it. During this flood, Mansoor helps everyone to evacuate, but at the end dies accidentally after house buries down in the ground.

Overall, Kedarnath movie is worth watching and we suggest everyone to watch Kedarnath full movie only on the legal platforms mentioned by us.

Kedarnath Trailer



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