Watch Sadak 2 Full Movie

Watch Sadak 2 full movie

Watch Sadak 2 Full Movie Online

As a lot of movies are now streaming on OTT platforms, similarly you can also watch Sadak 2 full movie online on OTT Platform. As of now, Sadak 2 Full movie can be watched online only on Hotstar. If you already have HotStart subscription, then you can watch Sadak 2 for free.


Sadak 2 is Mahesh Bhatt’s directed movie, which is an extended version of the 1991 movie Sadak. In this movie, you will see Sanjay Dutt, Alia Bhatt, and Aditya Roy Kapur in the vital role. If you have watched the first part, then you must watch Sadak 2 Full movie. This movie is about Aarya who is on a trip to Kailash to fulfill her mother’s last wish. At the same time, she vows to revenge for her mother’s death.

Sadak 2 Story

The story is about Aarya, who is on a mission to disclose the secrete pf Dhongi Baba. She is upset about her stepmother and father who are victims of a Dhongi Babas. To revel the Dhongi Baba, she runs a Social Media Campaign unveiling trust. During this journey, she meets Vishal a hot musician. On her 21st Birthday, she decides to visit Kailash which was her mom’s last wish.

During the journey, a small hurdle occurs when the co-owner of the booking company pass away. And now, the husband of the co-owner, also a taxi driver has no option left but to drop Aarya to Kashi. This Kashi journey becomes more complicated when the Dhongi Baba sends goons to kill Aarya. This is where Ravi helps Aarya to escape the hurdles.

During this journey, they get to know each other and learn a new way of living life from each other.
So what happened in the journey? To know more about that, you must watch Sadak 2 Full movie.


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