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If you are looking to watch Sanam Teri Kasam movie, then you might find it on several legal channels. This is an old movie, hence there are many legal platforms where you can watch Sanam Teri Kasam Full Movie.

The digital rights for Sanam Teri Kasam are owned by Zee, Airtel, Eros, JioCinema, iTunes, Google Play, and YouTube. Initially, &Pictures has both the satellite right for Sanam Teri Kasam movie. If you want to know more about its TV release day, keep following us.


Sanam Teri Kasam movie is a 2016 released romantic Bollywood movie with debut stars Harshvardhan Rane and Mawra Hocane in the lead role. This movie is directed by Radhika Rao, and Vinay Sapru and distributed by Eros Now. The movie is about Saru (Saraswati Parihaar) who is disowned by her father and supported by Inder Parihar. Before you watch Sanam Teri Kasam full movie, you must know that the movie is based on a 1970 model, Lover Story by Eric Segal.

Before you watch any movie online, TV or theatre you must know that you can only watch movies from sources that have proper authority. Hence, we are here to help you guide on how and where to watch Sanam Teri Kasam Full Movie.


The story of Sanam Teri Kasam is about Saru, an old traditional girl who has become an issue to her younger sister. As Saru gets rejected by boys for being old-fashioned, her sister cannot marry her fiance due to her. Frosted Kaveri (Sarus’s sister), treated her. The only option left with Saru is to find a husband soon.

On the same building lives a young boy Inder Lal Parihaar with her hot girlfriend who has been looked at as a bad mark to society. A few days later both of them break up and on the same day, Saru asks Indra to help her give a makeover through his GF. During this a lot of things happen and where Inder gets drunk and Saru helps him to his bed. The Security guards misunderstand the situation and give a false impression to Saru’s dad due to which he disowns her.

Inder helps upset Saru by giving her a makeover and also find an apartment. The new Saru is gorgeous and Inder falls for her but never speaks about it. One day when Saru decided to propose his office crush Abhimanyu, gets heartbroken. Upset Saru gets drunk and go to a hotel and get intimated with Inder. Later Inder feels embarrassed and leaves form the place.

A few days later Inder Finds Saru in a Buddhist monastery and during that time she gets unconscious and later he finds out that she is suffering from meningioma. Inder goes to Saru’s house and scolds her father to not pretend for Saru’s death. Due to this Inder has to go to jail and when he comes back Saru asks him to marry her. And on the same day of marriage Saru dies.

The entire story of the movie is a sad romantic story. Sanam Teri Kasam is an epic love story that is worth watching with your mate.



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