Watch Shooter Full Movie Online

watch shooter full movie online

Shooter is a Punjabi drama movie which is directed by Dilsher Singh and Khushpal Singh. The film features Jayy Randhawa and Vada Grewal. Shooter full movie revolves around the life of Sukha Kahlon who is an ordinary man went to become a sharpshooter. Later, he becomes the Punjab’s most notorious gangster. Shooter movie showcases the life of a man which takes a abrupt turn where the whole life of a a man changes. You can watch Shooter full movie here with the help of OTT platform.

Watch Shooter Full Movie Online

Shooter is an amazing movie where it has shown that how life takes an abrupt turn in an ordinary man’s life. You can watch shooter full movie online on the OTT platform. But, the movie is not yet released anywhere. As of now, the movie is banned in Punjab and Haryana.

If the movie didn’t get the approval to release in theatres then, shooter full movie will be released on the social media account of Jayy Randhawa the actor who played the role of gangster. In case, Shooter movie gets aired in the OTT platform we will update you soon. Stay tuned with us


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Shooter Movie Trailer

Shooter Story

The shooter movie is based on the life of Sukha Kahlon. The film showcases the life of an ordinary man who is in the process to become a sharpshooter and becomes a Punjabi’s most notorious gangsters. It is a crime and thrilling movie which displays a true events of the the real man how his life has altered from an ordinary man to a gangster.


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