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Watch Tanhaji Full Movie Online and TV – HD, FHD

Watch Tanhaji Full Movie

 Watch Tanhaji Full Movie

Important Note: We will only be sharing with you all the legal platforms to watch Tanhaji movies online. Also, we will let you know when can you Watch Tanhaji movie on TV. 

All the websites that are streaming Tanhaji movies are not legal. Only a website that has proper authority can stream the movie. A movie can only be shared online for free when they are in Public Domain as per the law. hence, we will let you know, where to watch Tanhaji Movie.

Watch Tanhaji Full Movie online

Tanhaji movie digital rights are sold to Hotstar (Which is now Disney Hotstar). Tanhaji Full movie can be watched on Disney Hotstar premiered on 6th March 2020. Until now, Disney Hotstar is the only Digital Platform where you can watch Tanhaji Full movie.

The Satellite rights for Tanhaji movie is sold to Star Gold India. This means you can Watch Tanhaji movie on TV soon in Star Gold. We might soon watch Tanhaji on Star Gold.


Tanhaji is a historically based movie directed by Om Raut, where Ajay Devgn, is playing the read role and the character of Tanhaji Malusare. Along with Ajay, we will see Kajol playing Thanaji’s wife n this movie. On the other hand, Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar are producing this movie along with Ajay Devgan.

Tanhaji Movie Story 

The movie starts in the year 1647, where Tanhaji’s father is training him the swordsmanship. During the same year, Tanhaji’s father dies in a war with the Mughals. 17 years later, Tanhaji and his younger brother Suryaji is commanding Maratha Army to defeat the Mughal cavalry.

Next year after the war with Mugal (i.e on 1655) Mughals captures the Kondhana fort insulting the Jijabai. On the same day of capture, Jijabai promises that she will only wear shoes after she conquered the fort back. 5 years later, Shivaji gets to know the Aurangazeb kill the Marathas and use Kondhana fort as its base. Listing to this, Shivaji plans to reacquire Kondhana fort, but could not ask Tanhaji so that he does not spoil his son’s marriage.

But when Tanhaji gets to know about this, he gets angry with Shivaji and promises to finish the mission first. When the Maratha’s plans to acquire the Kondana fort, Tanhaji comes up with a detailed plan on how they will acquire it. But this time Tanhaji has to face one of the cruelest people that is Udaybhan Singh Rathore who is leading the Aurangzeb’s army.

To make sure the plan succeed, Tanhaji secretly enters Kondhana, but somehow gets captured and torched by Udaybhan. But that was the part of his plan and in the meanwhile, Jagat Singh the current guard of Kondhana fort releases Tanhaji so that they could execute the mission as planned.

During the final battle, Tanhaji kills Udayban and gets himself killed by Udayban. In the end, the Kondhana fort is recaptured by the Maratha’s.

Tanhaji Full Movie Download Through Hotstar 

If you have HotStar Plus (AKA Disney Plus) subscription, then you do have option to download the movie in-app and watch it anytime you want. With the below-given steps, you can download Tanhaji Full Movie Online.

Step 1: Go To Hotstar and login with your Hotstar + / Disney + login.

Step 2: Search for Tanhaji Movie

Step 3: When you play the movie, you will get an option below at the bottom right of the player where it asks you to download.

With this simple step, you can download Tanhaji movie online. Do remember this is the only legal way for you to download Tanhaji Full movie online. But, this can only be download in-app.



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