Top Weapons of PUBG – The Perfect Guide PUBG Guns

A Guide to PUBG Weapons

Pubg Weapons

PUBG is one of the best multiplayer online game. When you are playing PUBG then you know you can use any weapon. And the obvious reason is to kill your opponent. But, before you use any weapons on PubG, you must know which one to use & when. Out of hundreds of weapons o Pubg, it might really be difficult for you to choose the right one. Therefore, we along with our Pubg experts have given down the list of Top weapons in Pubg & its guide. Also, you can find the comparison between Call of Duty vs PUBG Mobile.

After reading this article, you will definitely get all the knowledge about Pubg Weapons. Also, you can make the right decision on which weapon to choose when. Apart from Pubg, we have also covered Free Fire Weapons & Guide and some best smartphones to play PUBG without any lag. If you have any query you are welcome to ask them in the comment below.

Best Guns In Pubg – The Complete Pubg guns list

To give you details about Pubg weapons & also to make things easy, here we divided the article into all the segments of weapons used. So, it will become easy for you to understand the weapons in Pubg.

AR Weapon in PUBG 

Weapons Damage Ammo capacity Ammo Bullets Velocity
AKM 49 30/40 7.62mm 715 m/s
Groza 48 30/40 7.62mm 715 m/s
M416 43 30/40 5.56mm 880 m/s
M16A4 51 30/40 5.56mm 715 m/s
Scar-L 43 30/40 5.56mm 870 m/s
AUG A3 43 30/40 5.56mm 940 m/s

AR weapons are the most used weapons type in Pubg and below you will find all the list of AR Pubg guns.


AKM is one of the best weapons on PUBG mobile for a close-range battle. Every player in Pubg might have used this gun. It has the highest damage per fire. In fact, M763 is rated one of the fastest and best weapons. It uses a 7.72mm ammo and overall damage per second higher then AKM. It is very powerful for a close-range fight.


Similar to Free Fire, Groza weapon can also be found in Pubg. In fact, this is one of the most popular weapons used for a mid-range attack. It has the highest damage and fire per second as compare to any weapons. You and find only AirDrop. It uses a 7.72mm ammo. If you knew when and how to use this weapon, then you have a high possibility you will win the match. You can use close and middle rang fight.


M416 can be used for mid and long-range flights. Its the fire rate of M416 is better than Scar-L. But you can find more weapons for long-range. It uses a 5.56mm ammo. You can easily find any place & is used by a lot of pro players.


M16A4 is very powerful weapon. It uses 6.65mm ammo. Its rate of fire is better then M416 in burst mode. You can use M16A4 for long and middle range fight.


Scar-L is a very powerful weapon of PUBG. In fact, this can be best compatible for mid and long-range battles. It contains 5.56mm ammo &can create huge damage to your enemy’s health. It has good fire range and accuracy of around 90. You can also use the But you can also use scope for a long-range.


AUG A3 is the best AR weapon of PUBG mobile. It is better than the M416 weapon. It uses 5.52mm ammo. Similar to Groza, it is available only AirDrop and is suitable for long, middle and close-range fights.

Machine Weapons – PUBG Guns

Weapons Damage Bullets Velocity Ammo
DP-28 51 715 m/s 7.62mm
M249 45 915 m/s 5.62mm


DP 28 is one of the weapons that can only be used when you really need it. In fact, this gun has very low recoil. DP28 weapon uses 7.72mm ammo. You can use long and middle rang fight with 4X scope better than others’ scope.


M249 is one of the very powerful weapon having the speediest bullet velocity. The damage created by M249 is less than DP-28. But accuracy is way better. This can also be used for close or md-range attack.

Short Gun Weapons In PUBG 

Weapons Damage Bullets Velocity Ammo
S12K 24 350 m/s 12.00mm
S1897 26 360 m/s 12.00mm
S686 26 370 m/s 12.00mm

Short Guns in Pubg or any other games can only be used for short-range. That’s because it is easy to reload and have decent damage to take down your opponent in a few shots. Check the list of shotguns in Pubg.


If you have all the options to select a weapon for shot range in Pubg, then S12K is a must. It has 24 damage per rate of fire and use 12 Gauge ammo.


After S12, the 2nd option that you can choose is S1897. But as compare to any shot range weapons, it has the highest damage. If we consider the ammo it has a 12 Gauge Ammo.


Many players called this a gun or a double-barrel shotgun. In fact, this gives more damage to your opponent than any other short-gun. The gun works with 12 Gauge Ammo and have high accuracy.

Sniper Weapon In PUBG 

Weapons Damage Bullets Velocity Ammo
AWM 105 945 m/s 5.00mm
M24 75 790 m/s 5.00mm
Kar 98K 79 760 m/s 5.00mm

If you are good in aims & want to take down your opponent in just one shot, then Snipers are what you are looking for. Check the list of Snipers found in Pubg.


If you are looking for a Sniper, then AWM is one of the best snipers you can find in PUBG. Noobs or Pro players, they prefer to use AWM. It gives the highest damage, & if you shoot it well, then one hit s enough to kill your enemy. When you have this sniper you have a high possibility to win and get chicken dinner. Also, this can be found only in Airdrop.


M24 is one of the good damage creating sniper found in PUBG after AWM. Similar to AWM one hit is enough to take down your enemy. You can use M24 sniper with one AR weapon too. It uses a 7.62mm ammo. Along with that, you can use Extended Sniper Mag to extend the bullet space.

Kar 98K

If you cannot find any Sniper, then KAR98K is what easily available. Most of the player do not prefer to use this as it has low damage as compared to other snipers. It uses 7.62mm ammo.

Pubg Weapons Conclusion 

I guess you might have got a clear idea on all PUBG Guns. We have given you a clear idea on which guns to use & during which situation in PUBG. Even after this, if you have any doubts then feel to ask us. We are here to help you.


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