West Bengal Road Tax- Calculate, Penalty Charges & Pay Road Tax

West Bengal Road Tax

West Bengal is the fourth most populous state in India and the thirteen largest state by area. The state borders with the Indian states are Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar, Sikkim and Assam. The state has a better connectivity for roads within the state and out side of the state. The road tax in West Bengal is imposed on the Section 39 of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988. Get the detailed information on West Bengal road tax and tax rates.

Calculate Road Tax in West Bengal

The road tax in West Bengal is imposed on the central and state government. The road tax in West Bengal is computed on the basis of engine capacity, seating capacity and cost of the vehicle.

West Bengal Road Tax for Two-Wheeler

The tax for a two-wheeler in West Bengal is calculated on the engine capacity

The two-wheeler road tax are as follows:

Vehicle Engine Capacity Tax Rate
Below 80 CC Rs. 1560
Above 80 CC Rs. 3125
Above 170 CC Rs. 4685
Above 250 CC Rs. 6250


Lifetime tax on the battery-operated vehicle are as follows:

Vehicle Engine Capacity One Time Tax Rate
Beyond 2.5 km up to 0.35 km Rs. 1560
Beyond 0.35 km up to 0.50 km  Rs. 3125
Beyond 0.50 km up to 0.75 km  Rs. 4685
Beyond 0.75 km  Rs. 6250


Tax Rates for motorcycles not plying for hire

Vehicle Engine Capacity Annual Tax Rate
Engine capacity below 80CC Rs. 100 Additional tax-25% of the annual tax
Engine capacity up to 170 CC Rs. 200
Engine capacity up to 250 CC Rs. 300
Engine capacity above 250 CC Rs. 400


West Bengal Road Tax for Four-Wheeler 

Vahan tax for four-wheeler is determined on the use of the vehicle and its classification.

The following are the road tax for the motor vehicle owned by an individual under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act 1961. Special Fee for AC Vehicles

Engine Capacity
Below 900 CC Rs. 10550 Rs. 4000
Between 900 CC up to 1490 CC Rs. 13900 Rs. 7500
Between 1490 CC up to 1490 CC Rs. 21800 Rs. 10000
Between 2000CC up to 2500 CC Rs. 28000 Rs. 12500
Above 2500 Cc Rs. 30000 Rs. 15000


Motor Car owned by others

Engine Capacity One Time Tax
Below 900 CC Rs. 11900
Below 1490 CC Rs. 15250
Below 2000 CC Rs. 24500
Below 2500 CC Rs. 30000
Above 2500 CC Rs. 32000


Annual Tax for a vehicle owned by industrial or societies under West Bengal Society Registration Act 1961

Engine Capacity
Engine Capacity below 900 CC Rs. 600
Engine Capacity below 1490 CC Rs. 800
Engine Capacity below 2500 CC Rs. 1600


Tax Rate for Omnibuses registered as a non-transport vehicle which has completed 10 years are as follows:

Capacity Annual Tax
Seating capacity below 10 persons Rs. 1400 additional tax – 50% of tax plus Rs. 100
Seating capacity above 10 persons Rs. 1400 for 10 persons + Rs. 150 for each seat above 10 persons

West Bengal Road Tax Penalty Charges 

Duration of Delay Penalty Rates
Below 15 days after expiry No charges
From 16 days up to 45 days after expiry 25% of the tax is payable
After 45 days up to 75 days after expiry 50% of the tax must be paid
Above 75 days after expiry 100 % of the tax is payable

One-Time Road Tax

The below-mentioned are the penalties levied for a one-time tax 

Duration of Delay Tax Rates
Below 15 days of expiry  No charges
From 16 days to 45 days after the expiry 1/20th of the one-time tax is payable
From 45 days to 75 days after the expiry 1/10th of the one-time tax is payable
From 75 days to 1 year after the expiry 1/5th of the one-time tax is payable
Delayed in payment after 1 year and up to 2 years after expiry 2/5th of the one-time tax is payable
Delay in payment after 2 years and up to 3 years after expiry 3/5th of the one-time tax is payable
Delay in payment after 3 years and up to 4 years after expiry 4/5th of the one-time tax is payable 
Delay of payment is after 4 years of expiry The total one-time tax is payable

How to Pay Road Tax in West Bengal?

You can pay vahan tax in West Bengal by simply visiting to the RTO office. You will be given a vehicle tax form, fill the form and submit it along with the documents. Then, pay your road tax at the office collect the receipt for the future references.

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